from inside the depths

full moon gathering

a safe space to connect and share

be held and lifted up

other women

vulnerability, depth and compassion

tea and coffee, chocolate and hugs provided.

before parties and alcohol, careers and kids, my girlfriends and i would hang

out in our rooms. sitting and chatting, talking about boys and life.

it was a safe place to just be. be silly, be serious, be loud,

be messy. except back then we didn't talk about things like

anxiety or fears. and now life has so many other layers. we have lived

so much more life since we were teenages. and inside of our mesy and

busy lives, the opportunities to connect in a safe way, without it being

based on parties or alcohol or escaping the real world.

each month on the full moon we will gather to hold space for each other.

to connect, to share, to hold each other and to lift each other up.

meeting in my home, pouring ourselves cups of tea or coffee.

nibbling on craft chocolate. climbing the stairs to get cozy on pillows, on chairs,

wrapped in blankets on the floor. to speak about our month, to be heard

inside of our vulnerability. and to then write what we would like to release

going forward in our lives with the intention to let those pieces go.

followed by all of the hugs, if that's your thing. till the next time we

gather under the full moon.

space for 6 women each full moon, who want to work together to create a

new reality for themselves.  looking forward to being in this with you.

writer. healer. friend.

"I knew who I was this morning, but I've changed a few times since then."

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©2017 by angela rosenthal